How can Taatua Africa Consulting help me/my company?

Taatua Africa Consulting offers public relations services. We provide services targeted to consumers and the electorate. Our specialty is in creating content and administration of social media channels for our clients and especially phone related contact services, like mass SMS sending, recorded voice message calls ("robocalls"), contact center offering hotline answering service and many other telecommunications services.

Our customer base is varied; we serve businesses, educational institutions, political entities, health care institutions, non-governmental organizations, micro finance institutions, transport firms as well as churches.

Our services go beyond any PR firm with our creative and technical staff. We are known for our ability to satisfy even complex communication needs. We create with our customers a well-planned communication strategy. We offer confidently:

  1. Editorial services (press releases, speeches, short informational messages, social media messages)
  2. Co-operate and company communications
  3. Company internal communication
  4. Marketing messages for product launches and promotions
  5. Creation and execution of web and social media strategy

We maintain full customer confidentiality in our communication services. Any and all of your information will be kept strictly available only for you. 

Please contact our sales managers for more information or free consultation on your communication needs.

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